Cell Extraction Medium

The whole process of removing adipose fat tissue, isolating the stem cells, activating them – using growth factors derived from the patient’s own platelet rich plasma and through irradiation with Adi-Light 2 – and then intravenously injecting them back into the patient, is performed in a sterile manner with a single, autologous operative procedure.  This minimizes stem cell damage and greatly reduces any chance of contamination.

The Cell Separation Medium is a proprietary lecithin emulsifier produced by AdiStem, which has been used successfully for the past 6 years and allows the safe and easy extraction of stromal cells.  Some enzymatic cell media being used out there may destroy cells if the reaction is not stopped in time.  They reduce cell viability, cell count and ultimately the clinical efficiency of the regenerative cells.  By using AdiStem’s plant based dissolution medium these variables are eliminated.  Lipids and connective tissue fragments from the adipose fat are dissolved and the concentration of stem cells is increased.

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Cell Extraction Medium kit includes 6 x 4.5ml vials.

One Vial of Cell Separation Medium is required for Osteoarthritis and Joint Injections.
Two Vials are required forDegenerative Disease Conditions.


This product is for laboratory and/or research use only.

Other Benefits of AdiStem’s Cell Separation Medium

  • Independently Verified

This extraction Medium has been independently verified by universities, cell labs, cryopreservation facilities – as well as by leading medical practitioners from around the world for delivering consistent cell counts.

  • High Cell Viability

The Medium  has been widely tested and proven to provide clinicians with a high percentage of live, viable cells for treatment.  Total number of cells extracted can be misleading.  While a clinician may obtain 100 million stem cells, if 90% are dead or inactive due to harsh cell extraction techniques, clinical results will be poor.

  • Isolates Other Critical Cells

The Medium is design to isolate , not only the mesenchymal stem cells, but also precursors and progenitor cells critical to regenerative applications.

  • The Medium is Pre-Mixed and Ready to Use

This eliminates the need to observe temperature control, measuring , filtration and other challenges when using other conventional media (such as collagenese) which can be time-consuming and not always consistent.

  • Currently Used in 40 Countries

AdiStem’s Cell Extraction Medium is being used clinically in trials, in research, in universities and in private practices internationally with consistent results.

  • Fully Patented Position

Some doctors are concerned about infringement issues raised by recent litigation involving the University of PiItsburgh and their patent on collagenese for adipose stem cell isolation.  By working with AdiStem’s Medium you will be using a patented product and technology specifically designed for the isolation of stem cells from adipose fat.

Formal Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Human Ethics Committee (HEC) approval for AdiStem’s Cell Extraction Medium has been given to its use in Clinical Trials since 2007.

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