Why PhotoActivate PRP?

PhotoActivation Jump Starts the Natural Healing Cascade

This process has been widely shown to significantly reduce pain and accelerate healing. PA-PRP adds AdiLIght-2’s anti-inflammatory benefits of photoactivation to the PRP which is a concentrated source of platelets rich in growth factors and cytokines that accelerate and enhance the healing of bone and soft tissue.

For patients, this means two things: the aggravated pain of standard PRP procedures in the affected area is significantly reduced by the photoactivation process which reduces inflammation, increases the production of natural painkillers and releases beta-endorphins. This means relief from pain in a couple of days — rather than in weeks or months if photoactivation is not used.

The PA-PRP Therapy has also been found to stimulate cartilage and tissue repair and to reduce pain and inflammation to the extent of either delaying invasive surgery – or even making it unnecessary.


I’ve been getting some dramatic results with PA-PRP and am enthusiastic about it.

Dr Peter Lewis

Sports Medicine

PRP and PA-PRP Processes are Autologous

PRP and PA-PRP are inherently safe because the cells which heal are not taken from another human being or an animal. They are your own cells taken from your own body – and used to repair your own body.

Since PRP is an autologous concentration of platelets in a small volume of plasma taken from your own blood, there are no contraindications or adverse side effects.
Thousands of Research Articles have been published on the safety and efficacy of the PRP Procedure over the past 30 years.

PRP Procedures are Approved by the USFDA.

The AdiStem PhotoActivation Technology facilitates less post-injection discomfort and flare-ups with a more rapid recovery. This Technology represents the next level in regenerative medicine providing a more customised approach to biologic-based therapies like PRP.

Dr Steven Sampson

Founder, Orthohealing Center

I have now done thousand of cases with AdiLight. I now don’t do one case without it. I have used AdiLight on numerous professional athletes with superb results.

Dr Joseph Purita

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Why PhotoActivation Works

AdiStem has researched the effect of different monochromatic light intensities and frequencies in the coloured spectrum on human and animal cell populations such as mesenchyme stem cells and white blood cells. Through the use of three colour spectrums (red, yellow and green at particular frequencies), white blood cells are signalled to release IL-IRA and beta-endorphins. Interleukin I Receptor Antagonist is a potent anti-inflammatory agent and reduces the pain associated with standard PRP injections. The duration of any pain is also significantly reduced.

In other words, the use of PhotoActivation stimulates other regenerative cells which jump starts the natural healing cascade, inflammation is reduced, the production of natural painkillers is increased and additional mesenchymal stem cells are recruited to help the area of injury.

I have been doing PRP Treatments for the past 6 years. I have been very pleased with the addition of the AdiLight-2 PhotoActivation system, noticing an enhanced healing rate with less post injection pain.

Dr Adam Weglein

Professor, University of Texas

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